The company is located in Dongbu village,Shiliang Town,Longkou City,hastotal assets of RMB 420 million and covers an area of over 300 mu and a building area of 200,000 ㎡.With more than 2000 employees,the company is an export enterprise operating with moden business management mechanism and international management concept.A large producer of dried shredded squid in china,the company processes more than1000 tons of dried shredded squid and various dried fish each year by using moderntechnolofy and equipment,and sells products to Russia,USA,Japan,Korea and other countries in Southeasts Asia,aswell as all provinces and cities in china.

       Observing principle of “client first,sincere cooperation” and aiming at “producing delicate food and creating world first class bland”,the company is willing offer delicate sea foods and build a cooperative bridge with sincerity.
       With excellent geographic position,convenient communications and graceful environment,the company will provide high quality products to your satisfaction in a brand-new image.

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Long kou da yang food co., ltd                  Yan tai you mei food co., ltd
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